About Us.

Nisort is a Business Consultancy Company which helps Businesses and citizens run effectively by efficiently offering online Professional Cyber Services from Registration, Documentation, Company Maintenance, Compliance & Tendering, Trademarks and Travel.
By Online applications we are limiting cyber cafe visits, offering the services at the convenience of your home, while at work, and on the go. Join us, as we graduate the cyber services into eCommerce.

Why choose us

Flexible working hours, and convenience from reduced schedule involvement.

Efficiency on time taken and resources involved to enjoy Online Cyber service.

Improved reliability and competence from experts, what most cyber attendant are short of.

Effective support system to start-ups thus fostering on idea growth.

Tailor made packages to customer needs and customized less-costly premiums to subscribers.

How we interact with you

On-call basis, email interactions, mobile app, and web self-service portal are the basic mechanisms through which our customers make contact.

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Private Limited Company
Private Limited Company Registration. Director Appointment and Resignation. Transfer of Shares. CR12 Application.
Business Name
Business Name Registration. Partner Appointment and Resignation. Official Search Application
Self-help Group
Self-help Group Registration. KRA Pin Application.
NGO Registration
NGO Application.
Foreign Company Registration.
Foreign Company Registration. Director Appointment and Resignation. KRA pin Application. Transfer of Shares. CR12 Application
Driving License Renewal. TIMS Account Registration. Motor Vehicle Transfer. Motor Vehicle Search. TLB Application.
AGPO & IFMIS Number Registration.
AGPO Application. IFMIS Number Registration.
KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) Tax Returns.
KRA pin Application. Personal Income Tax Returns. Monthly Rental Returns. VAT returns. Tax Compliance Application.
NCA (National Construction Authority) Application.
NCA Road, Water works, Building and Electrical (1-8 categories) Application. NCA Certificate Renewal.
Travel Passport Application.
Travel Passport Application. Travel Passport Renewal.
Business Permit Application (Nairobi City Council Only).
New Business Permit Application. Business Permit Renewal.
Birth Certificate Application (Born in Nairobi County Only).
Birth Certificate Application.

Pricing Plans


  • KRA pin Application - Ksh 300

  • CR12 Application - Ksh 1,000

  • Driving License Renewal - Ksh 500

  • TIMS account Registration - Ksh 300

  • Motor Vehicle Search - Ksh 1,000

  • Personal Income Tax Returns - Ksh 500

  • Monthly Rental Returns - Ksh 500

  • Tax Compliance Application - Ksh 200

  • Travel Passport Application - Ksh 1,000

  • Temporary Permit - Ksh 1,000

  • Online Birth Certificate Application - Ksh 1,000


  • Private Limited Company

  • Business Name

  • NGO Registration

  • Foreign Company Registration

  • NCA (National Construction Authority) Application.

  • TLB Application

  • Self-help Group

  • Motor Vehicle Transfer

  • AGPO Application

  • IFMIS Number Registration

  • VAT returns

Our Clients


Registered Ltd Companies


Registered AGPO Certificates


Monthly Companies VAT Returns


Monthly Rental income Returns

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Our Terms & Conditions

I hereby accept to T&C applying at Nisort Consultancy Services, and request assistance to front end services in all or a few Online Cyber Services across the spectrum at my cost. 

Hereby aware I SHOULD NOT share Log in credentials to the online accounts through the email for matters pertaining security, therefore advised to use text messages or on a call to the official business number.