Services on Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company Requirements

Private Limited Company Registration Requirements

(1) Plot no. Road/street and box address- of where u live 

(2)Plot no. Road/street and box address- of where business will be located.  
(3) Phone numbers 
(4) email address. 

(5) ID no(s) 
(6) name(s) the way they appear in ID and designation (director, shareholder, director and shareholder)
(7) occupations (‎  
(8) how shares will be divided ‎- 50/50

(9) Objectives, 2 or 3, below are main examples-

  1. to carry construction 
  2. to carry research, surveys and assessment 
  3. to develop  strategic documents and plans
  4. general supplies

(10) Passport Photo- {upload-jpeg,jpeg etc}


Director 2. {Add Details}